I'm Open-Sourcing Ulry

Ulry’s first ever commit is dated 23 Dec 2021. The motivation behind its creation stemmed from my inability to find a user-friendly link archiver that I liked and didn’t involve the hassle of an account registration. Additionally, at that time I was getting more and more interested in SQLite and its internals, I discovered that a lot of cool iOS apps available out there used it instead of the classic CoreData framework provided by Apple. That was the perfect excuse to create a new side project and learn something new that I was really interested into.

This turned out to be my most successful project to date. This month, Ulry has reached more than 2K downloads on the App Store and I am overwhelmed by the positive user feedbacks that praise the app for the very reason I felt the need to create it: fast, lightweight, simple.

I initially thought of keeping the project’s source-code private and see if I could earn something from it, but I found out that that would require too much additional work from my side. I felt obliged to be ready to fix every single bug that popped out of nowhere and have a 100% functional product at any time. After dedicating more than a year to its development, I felt the need to jump on new projects, learn something different and take a break from iOS development in general.

Lately I’ve been pretty involved with the open source community and I’ve met a lot of smart and thoughtful people that taught me a lot about software. Ulry itself wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for a couple of very famous open-source projects.

While I am taking a break from iOS development, I want to share as much knowledge as I can and give it back to the OS community. This is why I’ve decided to open-source Ulry.

Hopefully people will learn from it and contribute to the project, that is my new goal for Ulry.

Here you can find the project repo. Here is the app’s website.

The GitHub repo still needs some fixes and a better README, some refactoring would be good too, but for now it should work!

I hope to see you on GitHub and work with you on this :)