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Personal Details


Mattia Righetti



  • 2019-2022, MSc in Computer Science, Politecnico di Milano

  • 2015-2019, BSc in Computer Science, Politecnico di Milano

Professional Experience

SDE Intern, Amazon

Jun 2022 - Current

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

At D.I.C.A. I’ve worked as a Fullstack SWE and I bootstrapped an entire system composed of SPA and database that enabled professors and other research assistants to query a collection of flood models online from a browser.


Model-Driven Development of Distributed Ledger Applications

Piero Fraternali, S. L. Herrera Gonzalez, Matteo Frigerio, Mattia Righetti
coming soon


  • Python, Bash, Java, Rust, Go, Swift

  • PostreSQL, MySQL, Docker, NGINX

  • AWS EC2, AWS S3, AWS Lambda