Libgen Telegram Bot

This is a very basic Telegram bot to interface with libgen

Group Activity Telegram Bot

Another very basic Telgram bot that will keep track of user activities in groups


I didn’t like what others read-it later apps out there offered so I created one that fit my needs, it’s currenlty in beta testing though!

chmod util

I didn’t know what to do that night and I forgot how to calculate chmod permissions so…​

HNReader for macOS

I’ve developed HNReader to have a native macOS app to read my daily Hacker News. I’m not a fan of the minimalist design of the original website and therefore I went for a custom design, this also was my first attempt to develop a macOS application.

Lode for iOS

I developed this application to get rid of all the excel pages I had to manage my university’s marks and assignments. It was developed using Swift and it was released in 2020 to the app store and also made available as an open source project for others to see and learn.