Hey there!

I’m Matt, a software engineer with a passion for building efficient software solutions and engineering in general.

My primary focus is on backend development and system programming. I tend to work a lot with distributed systems, algorithms, and data structures which allow me to solve complex problems and build high-performance systems.

In addition to backend development, I do a lot of the frontend for all my side projects. I enjoy creating user-friendly and beautiful interfaces that are easy to use and provide a delightful experience. On top of that, I do quite a lot of iOS and macOS applications development.

Overall, I’m a technology enthusiast who is always eager to learn and tackle new challenges. If you’re looking for a software engineer who can help you create innovative and reliable software solutions, then I’m your guy. Let’s chat!

You can find me on GitHub or you can just hit me up by email.

Code samples on this blog are dual licensed under MIT OR Apache-2.0.